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By Jennifer "DDNIXX" Wilkins

Chapter Four - "Be Careful What You Wish For!"

Jessica burst through the door to her bedroom, slammed it behind her, and then collapsed onto her bed in despair.  Exhausted from an extensive argument with her mother over her traveling attire up to the first summer at their cottage, Jessica had been forced to accept defeat and could do nothing but cry; feeling even more embarrassed about her babyish situation.  Her mother had decided that she would have to wear one of her goodnites for the ride and for a ten-year-old girl, days before her eleventh birthday, traveling in a van with twelve year old girls and boys; it was quite literally the worst thing ever.

After a few minutes of deep sobbing, Jessica heard a knock at the door.  Fearing that she'd get another earful from her mother, Jessica tried to quiet her crying and not be heard through the door. Moments later, the door pushed open slowly.

"Jessica?" Came Kelsey's voice.

Jessica turned towards the door and saw her older sister entering, closing the door behind her.  

"You okay?" Kelsey asked as she walked over to Jess and plopped down on her bed.

"I can't believe Mom is making me wear a goodnite!" Jessica whined in despair.

"Hey, don't worry, nobody is going to know!  They're totally hidden under your clothes, you know.  I think if you know it’s there, you can see it, but I don't think anyone would notice if they didn't know to look for it." Kelsey said, reassuringly.

"I guess.  But I'll be the only one!  I'll be such a baby!"  Jessica said, beginning to tear up again.  It's bad enough she would have to wear them at night-time, but in front of all these older friends, it would be excruciating.  If only Kelsey would have to wear one too, Jessica thought.  Or...if only she wanted to... Jessica wished that she did.  She wished that all of them did!"

"I'll wear one too, if you like." Kelsey said.

Jessica looked at her up and down for a moment, not sure if she heard her correctly.

"What did you say?" Jessica asked, unwilling to believe her ears.
"I said I'll wear one too.  Then you're not the only one wearing them." Kelsey replied, without a hint of an alternate agenda.
"But...why would you do that?"
"I want to-- Well, I mean, to help you, of course." Kelsey blushed.
"You... you want to?  But they're so babyish?"
"I know!  I mean, no, they're not they're...well, they look comfy.  And I guess... I guess I've always wanted to try one on."
"Yeah... is that weird?"

Jessica threw her arms around her sister, giving her the biggest hug she'd ever given her. "No, I think it's wonderful!"

Kelsey smiled and released from Jessica.  

"What are big sisters for, right?" Kelsey said with a wink.  "Now, dry your tears.  Emily is coming over to sleep over so we don't have to pick her up tomorrow morning.  I know how cool you think she is, so you don't want to be all red-faced, right?"

Jessica's heart fluttered and she felt the beginnings of butterflies.  Emily was coming over for a sleepover?  Immediately, all the lingering thoughts of embarrassment she felt about her travelling situation dissipated.  Emily was coming over.  Emily was so cool, so smart, and so gorgeous!  

Kelsey didn't know, and even Jessica didn't fully understand, but Jessica had what could easily be considered a crush on Emily.  She didn't understand it, as she had been brought up to believe that girls should be interested in boys, but Jessica never knew anyone nearly as interesting and Emily.  Whenever Emily was around, Jessica had this weird sensation of nervousness and excitement, all at once.  It often led her to say or do something stupid, but Emily never made her feel bad about it.  If anything, Emily spurned it on, calling her adorable and cute.  

One thing that Jessica loved about her was how naturally affectionate Emily was.  She wasn't shy from sitting really close, hugs, or even friendly kisses on the cheek.  She did it a lot.  When Jessica was a little bit younger, she would make little presents or drawings for Emily, and Emily would always stop whatever she was doing, examine the gift carefully, look Jessica in the eye and thank her very sincerely.  On top of that, and this was Jessica's favorite part, she would lean forward and give Jessica a kiss on the cheek.

She was the only girl that Jessica ever knew who would do that.  Even Lindsay, who she thought of as an older sister, never showed appreciation like that.  No one ever made Jessica feel so special.

"Hello, Earth to space-cadet Jessie!"

Jessica realised she had been daydreaming and looked at Kelsey who sported a very knowing smile.  Jessica blushed.  

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up!" Kelsey said with a smile.

A few hours later, Jessica walked back into her room all smiles.  She had a great evening with her sister and Emily and was now more than super excited for the cottage trip.  She walked to her closet and opened it up.  Opening the dresser in her closet, she pulled out her night shirt.  On top of the dresser was an open package of her goodnites diapers.  She pulled one out of the bag and looked at it with a frown.  Putting the night shirt and goodnite on her bed, she pulled off her top, jeans and underwear and threw them in a basket. She pulled the goodnite on and adjusted it until it felt comfortable.  She then threw on her night shirt.  

Suddenly, there came a knock on her door.  Jessica walked over to it and opened it up to find Kelsey on the other side.  

"Hey Jess, I'm here for my night-time underwear." Kelsey said confidently.
"What?  I thought you were just going to wear it on the trip!" Jessica said.
"I told you I would wear one too.  I guess I meant whenever you had to wear one I would too."
"Aren't you afraid Emily will see it?" Jessica asked.
"Well... I kind of thought you could give me two and I'd see if Emily would wear one too." Kelsey answered.

Jessica was stunned by this.  Emily wearing a goodnite?  Just like her?  That same heart flutter and butterflies started welling up again.  She was overcome by this strange desire to see Emily in nothing but the goodnite.  It was almost an intoxicating feeling...

"Is that okay?  Or are we going to use up too many?" Kelsey asked.
"!  No, I think that's fine, that's great!" Jessica replied.

Without a second’s hesitation, Jessica hopped over to her dresser, ripped two goodnites out of the package and handed them to Kelsey.  Kelsey looked at them for a moment.  

"Actually, Jess, could I take a few more?"
"Hm?  Why?"
"Well, you never know... we might..." Kelsey trailed off.
"How many do you want?" Jessica asked.
"Ten?" Kelsey said.
"Ten?!  I don't think I have that many left!"
"Well, what about one of your unopened packages?" Kelsey asked eagerly.
"Mom packed all of those.  They're in the van already." Jessica answered.
"How about I just take the rest of your opened package then?"
"I... I guess that's fine."  Jessica said.

She walked back over to her dresser, pulled the package off her dresser, removed one for herself for the trip and handed the rest to Kelsey.  Kelsey smiled at her sister as she took them.

"Thanks Jessie!" Kelsey said, sweetly.
"You're welcome Kelse!  See you guys in the morning!"

Kelsey closed the door behind her.  

Immediately, Jessica jumped up and down in excitement.  What a wonderful turn of events!  Not only was her sister going to wear a goodnite on the trip with her, but so was the girl she had a crush on!  Jessica was on cloud 9.  She did stop to wonder why Kelsey would ask for so many, though.  It wasn't likely Kelsey and Emily would go through that many in such a short amount of time.  Suddenly, Jessica became a little excited.  What if Kelsey was planning to get everyone to wear them?  She did seem oddly supportive... and it had been her idea to get Emily to wear some!

She immediately jumped into her bed, dove under the covers, and turned out the light.  She wanted to fall asleep as fast as possible so that the trip would come sooner.  Unfortunately, like any child filled with excitement the night before something really special, Jessica could not get her mind to calm down.  All these images of and scenarios danced in her mind.  The image that popped into her head most, though, was if Emily would wear a goodnite and whether she could see it.  She had images in her mind of catching a glimpse of the goodnite as Emily entered the van, or bending over to pick up her luggage, or whether she would see it while she walked or hear it!  She couldn't shake the possibilities from her mind and had a very hard time falling asleep.

The next morning, Jessica, Kelsey, her Mom, and Emily all piled into the van.  They were joined by Lindsay, who lived next door.  Jessica watched Emily's everyone movement, but couldn't tell whether Emily had actually worn it.  Kelsey had openly showed Jessica, lifting the skirt so Jess could see, before they had left.

"Shotgun!" Lindsay yelled.
"What? No way!" Kelsey protested.
"Sorry, those are the rules!" Lindsay said cheerfully as she climbed into the front passenger seat.

Jessica climbed onto the bench seat behind her Mom.  Kelsey sighed and climbed into the seat behind Lindsay.  

Another car pulled up to the house and Kelsey and Lindsay's friends Paul, Riley and Ben climbed out carrying their bags. They joined Emily at the trunk of the van to hand off their bags for Mrs. Winters to load.

Jessica was hoping that Emily would sit between her and Kelsey so that maybe she could get a better look at what Emily was wearing. She hoped Kelsey had been successful and had really convinced her to wear one of the goodnites.  


Jessica looked in the direction of the voice to see Ben piling into the van, heading straight for Emily's seat.  

"I love the middle seat!" Said Ben.

Jessica, in desperation, through her hands out to stop him.

"This is Emily's seat!" She pleaded.
"It's okay Jessica, I'll sit behind you instead! I don't like middle seats." Emily said, while taking her seat.

Jessica was crushed. Nothing was going right for her so far. She was less sure about whether this vacation would be all that great. Hopefully, since Kelsey and Lindsay were sharing a room, that meant that she and Emily would also share a room.  That thought helped her get over the annoying jerk squished between her and her sister.

Once everyone had piled in and buckled up, Mrs. Winters hopped into the drivers seat, pulled the van out of the driveway, and they all headed for the cabin.

The trip was largely uneventful, save for a stop at Wilkins' gas station and Jessica having a pressing need to pee for most of it. Arriving at the cabin, Ben was the first one out of the van, much to Jessica's delight as she was not happy sitting so close to him.  Mrs. Winters called after Ben to grab his bag, but Jessica assumed he hadn't heard as he just went ahead and went into their cabin.  Paul and Riley hopped out and offered to pull the bags out for Mrs. Winters.  Kelsey and Lindsay each grabbed their bags from the front porch where Paul and Riley had set them and ran inside.  Finally, Jessica and Emily were alone.

"Hey Emily, do you want to share a room with me?" She asked.
"Jess, honey, you're going to be sharing a room with me." Mrs. Winters interjected.
"What? Why?" Jessica asked, appalled by this revelation.
"It's the only way it works, hon.  It's just for sleeping.  Now, you and Emily grab all the travel stuff and bring it all inside." Mrs. Winters said with little patience as she hustled inside after Ben.

All of Jessica's daydreams and hopes for the cottage trip faded immediately. All the dreams of late night truth or dare, spin the bottle, and everything else!  All gone in an instant!

Moping a little, she started to help Emily pick up everyone's travel pillows, books, toys, etc.  Emily put her hand on Jessica's shoulder.  

"Sorry Jessie. I would’ve, but I think your Mom has me sharing a room with Ben!"
"Ben?  But I thought you didn't even like Ben!"
"No, Ben's cool!  Besides..." Emily leaned in closer to Jessica, "I think he's kind of cute, don't you?"

That was it. Jessica couldn't take it anymore. The cottage trip was ruined. She was going to have a terrible time now, for sure.  Ben?  BEN?!  Rude, jerky, stupid-face, BEN!?  

She dropped everything she had collected and rushed out of the van, heading towards the cottage.  As she ran towards it, she saw Ben coming out and made sure to bump him HARD on her way by.

"Excuse you!" Ben called after her, but she didn't care.  She hated him.  She hated everything about him.  

Entering the cabin, she was stopped by her Mom.  

"Honey, I know you don't really want to sleep in my room, but these really aren't your friends, they're Kelsey's.  I also thought it would be easier for you to hide your night-time problem." She said.

Jessica didn't say anything; she was still steaming, near crying, over everything that had happened to her in the last few minutes.  It didn't matter that her Mom's logic made sense, she didn't care.  All she knew was that Emily loved Ben, didn't like her, and she was nothing but a big diaper-wetting baby!

"Sure, Mom, whatever," was all Jessica could get herself to say.

She pushed by her Mom and headed to their room.  She flopped on her bed and stared at the sealing, sulking.  Stupid Ben.  Stupid dumb big fat Ben.  She hated everything about him.  She was already mad at him for his comment in the van about her peeing all over him.  She had, of course, had to use her goodnite.  She pushed it for a moment, feeling how wet it was.  She wished he'd pee all over himself instead.  Coincidently, as she lied there touching her wet goodnite, she overheard Ben ask her Mom where the bathroom was.

Getting an idea, Jessica rushed out of her room and tiptoed into the bathroom, closing the door quietly and locking it.  She waited, with her ear pressed against the door.  Suddenly, the doorknob shook.  Startled, she hopped quickly over to the toilet and sat on top of it.  

"Busy!" She called out to him.
"How long you gonna be?  I got to go!" Ben said from outside the door, sounding desperate.  This is exactly what Jessica was hoping for.
"Well, I don't want to pee all over you, so you'll have to wait!" She said, thrilled that she could use his rudeness against him.

She watched his shadow coming through the bottom of the door as he danced around a bit.  She hoped he was feeling really uncomfortable.  Suddenly, she did realise her own need to pee again.  It had sort of crept up on her. She didn't think she'd be able to lift the lid without him hearing her, though.

Ben knocked on the door hard, startling Jessica and causing her to start peeing into her already wet goodnite.  

"Come on, Jessica!  Hurry up!" He demanded.
"Hold your horses!" She shouted back angrily, mad that he had scared her into wetting her goodnite more.  She really really hoped he would just let go and wet his pants.

"Dammit!" She heard Ben exclaim from the other side of the door.  

Jessica hopped over to the door and crouched down so she could peak through the crack under it.  She saw a pool of pee building between Ben's legs.  

"Justice!" She thought.  FINALLY.  She saw him dart away from the door.  She got up and pulled her pants off so she could change out of her wet goodnite.  She tossed it into the trash, pulled her pants back up, and flushed the toilet.  

Opening the door to the bathroom, she looked down with satisfaction at the large puddle.  Carefully stepping around it, she saw her Mom coming.

"Jessica, what happened?"  
"I think Ben peed his pants, Mom!" She said.
"Oh, the poor dear."  Mrs. Winters said, looking out towards the door.  "And what about you, young lady?"

Jessica wasn't prepared for this question.

"What about me?" Jessica asked, innocently.
"Well, did you make it?  I assume you were what kept him from the toilet."
"Um, yup!  I did!"  Jessica lied.
"So, your goodnite is still dry?"
"Uh... yup, it is."

Mrs. Winters looked at Jessica squarely.  She could always tell when her youngest daughter was lying.

"Tell me the truth, Jessica.  Is your goodnite dry?"
"It is, Mom, I swear!"  Jessica really hoped her Mom wouldn't investigate the trash bin in the bathroom.

Mrs. Winters looked at her daughter, aware of all the tell-tale signs of lying.  

"Oh really?"  Mrs. Winters asked and she pulled her daughter towards her and felt her bottom.  Noticing the absence of a goodnite bulge, she went into the washroom and saw the soaked goodnite in the pail.

"Then what's that?" Mrs. Winters asked, rhetorically.
"It's not mine!"

Mrs. Winters shook her head.  

"Since Ben has opted to stay in the living room, I was going to tell you that you could bunk with Emily, but for lying to me, you've lost that privilege." Mrs. Winters said, sternly.
"What?  But Mo-om!  I'll won't ever again, I swear!"
"Nope, it's too late for that. Just be glad I'm not making you wear them all the time!"  Mrs. Winters said. "You're sleeping in my room, and that's final.  Maybe if you prove I can trust you later in the week, I'll let you switch rooms.  Now, go get me the mop so I can clean up Ben's mess."

Defeated, Jessica walked to towards the kitchen to get the mop, her Mom following behind her.  Passing by a window, she looked out to see Emily and Ben emerging from the woods, walking closely together.  She was overcome by a feeling of misery once again.  She opened the closet next to the kitchen and grabbed the mop and bucket, handing them to her mother.

Moments later, Emily and Ben entered the cabin.  

"Ben, you okay?" Mrs. Winters asked when she saw him.
"Yeah, I'm okay Mrs. Winters.  I'm sorry if I've made a mess."
"That's okay, dear, it happens.  The washroom is free now if you want to clean up and get out of those pants.  I'll throw them in the wash."

Jessica glared heavily at Ben.  Then her attention was switched on to Emily as she headed towards her room.  Jessica's heart skipped a beat when she saw how Emily's bum seemed to bulge and she had a tiny hint of a waddle as she walked.

"Hey, Mrs. Winters?" Ben asked.  Jessica turned her attention back to him.
"Yes dear?"
"I think I've changed my mind.  I think I want to sleep in a bed.  Is it cool if I share that room with Emily?"

Jessica's heart sank.

"I'm sure that's fine, dear. I'll make sure Emily's okay with it."

Ben and Jessica's mother walked away into the heart of the cabin, leaving Jessica in the hallway by herself, feeling frustrated, betrayed, angry, sad, and devastated.  She walked outside and sat down on the front porch, cupping her head in her hands.

"It's official." She thought.  "This vacation is going to be terrible."


"Well, I'm going to go change into a dry diaper," Kelsey said.  "You guys keep playing if you like!"

She offered the Wii remote to Riley, who raised his hands in protest.

"Nuh-uh, not me, thanks!" He said.

Riley took another drag from his joint.  Kelsey shrugged, handed the Wii remote to Jessica, who put both of them on top of the TV stand, and tottled off to her bedroom.  

Jessica sat down beside Riley and motioned that she wanted the joint.  Riley obliged and handed it over to her.

"Jess, I've always liked that you're so cool." Riley said.
"Thanks, Ry.  You're not so bad yourself!"

She took a long drag, breathed in some oxygen, held it, and then let it slowly filter out of her mouth, enjoying the growing wave of euphoria.

"I always thought you and me were similar, you know?" Started Riley again.
"Mm?" Jess replied, handing it back to Riley.

Riley pulled on it, held it a bit, and then released.

"You know, Lindsay and Paul, Kelsey and Lindsay, Emily and Ben," He continued.  Jessica's mood darkened a bit.  "You and I are kind of the only ones that don't fit."
"I fit!" Jessica insisted.
"No, I know, I mean, so do I... but like, I'm just Paul's friend.  If Paul wasn't around, I probably wouldn't be friends with you guys.  Likewise, if you weren't Kelsey's litter sister, you wouldn't be friends with any of us!" He defended.

Jessica thought about this for a moment as she took the weed back and took a drag.  Was it weird that she didn't have any friends her own age?

"I guess so." She admitted.
"But that's what makes us work, you know?  That's what makes you cool." Riley suggested.
"Because I don't fit?" She asked.
"No, because you and me sort of fit together.  You know what I mean?  If you weren't here, I don't think I'd have anyone to talk to."
"Riley, you've got everyone to talk to.  We're all friends!"
"Yeah, I know, it's just... Well, never mind." He finished.  

She took one more drag and then passed it back.

"Finish it off," She said.  He accepted it.

"Do you ever think about magic and stuff?" Riley asked.
"Yeah, like, whether there's like mystical powers or evil spirits or whatever?"
"No?  Do you?" Jessica asked.
"Yeah! I mean, there's got to be something, right? The Universe is too big for, like, nothing mystical to exist.  You know?"

Jessica got that familiar sensation that she had to pee.  

"I ...guess.  I think I'm going to go for another walk." Jessica said.

She got up off of the couch and walked down the hallway to her room.  

Once inside, she pulled her duffle bag onto her bed and rummaged through, finding her jogging pants.  She stepped into them and began pulling them up before being reminded of her need to pee.  She looked over at her full length mirror and let go into her diaper.  She always loved watching the diaper fill up.  She felt the warmth spread all throughout and pool a little around her butt before being absorbed.  She sighed.  

It was interesting how different her experiences with diapers had been from when she was young and had to wear them.  She had long since stopped wetting the bed, but as she grew older, diapers had somehow become a bit of a fetish for her.  Unlike everyone else who wore them only at the cottage, she wore them all the time at home, at school, at her job at S-Mart, everywhere.  Not all the time, but whenever she was in the mood, which happened to be fairly frequently.  

She pulled her sweatpants up and let them hug the bottom of her hips, allowing for the top of her diaper to be visible.  She had always thought this look was particularly hot.  Told any onlooker anything they needed to know, but still kept a tiny bit of mystery.  Was it wet?  Was it full?  Was she really wearing what I think she was wearing?

She walked back out into the hallway.  She saw Riley tying his shoes.

"You ready to go?" Riley asked.

She hadn't really intended for him to join her, but couldn't really find an excuse to tell him why he shouldn't.

"Um, yeah, let me just slip on my shoes."

Minutes later, they were out in the brisk air, admiring the dark woods lit by the moonlight.  The sky was very clear and the moon and stars provided a decent amount of light across the whole area.

"I never get tired of that view!" Riley said, staring up.
"Me neither," Jessica said politely.

She started forward in the woods.  Riley, after a moment, followed behind her.  They trudged through, both expertly aware of the twists and turns in the woods, having spent so much time there throughout their young lives.

Partly the reason Jessica hadn't wanted Riley to come was that she had a favorite spot in the woods that nobody knew about.  She had intended to go there, make herself comfortable, and just enjoy the stars while the weed and her wet diaper took their effect.  

Nonetheless, she figured he might be up for just laying quietly, in which case, she could just pretend he wasn't there.

They continued to trudge onward until they came to a small clearing with a fallen tree in the center of it.  The tree had been so wide, very little had been able to grow up under it.  Having fallen down a few years ago, it created a perfect window to the sky, and something comfortable enough to prop up against.  

She walked to her usual sitting spot, sat down, and leaned into the dead tree.  Riley followed suit, sitting down next to her.  For a moment they sat in silence, basking in the twinkling night sky, enjoying the quiet sounds of the country.

"This is beautiful. I can't believe it's our last summer all together." Riley said.

Jessica hadn't ever really let that notion sink in, but it was pretty definitive at this moment.  Having few friends that were her own age outside of the classroom, she really didn't know what she would do when all her friends went off to University or College.  She began to feel sad again.

"Hey, you think Ben and Emily are back?" Riley asked.
"Probably" Jessica said, unconvincingly.
"Maybe we should go walk down to the beach and see if they fell asleep or something..." Riley suggested.
"Rie, can we just sit and be quiet for a moment?" Jessica requested.
"Yeah, sure we can." He said.

They sat in silence for a moment.  Jessica closed her eyes for a moment, trying to forget everything and just enjoy her diaper and the sounds of nature.  She opened her eyes again to bask in the stars, observing their brilliant twinkle.  For almost a moment, her favorite spot served its purpose and all her cares washed away. She was overcome by a sense of peace, a feeling she could never get anywhere else.

"It's just, aren't you worried about them?" Riley asked.

The moment was broken.

"They're fine, Riley. They're big kids; they'll find their way back." She insisted, wishing he would shut up.

Riley considered this for a moment. He cleared his throat.

"I know how you feel about Emily." Riley admitted.

Jessica sat upright.

"What do you mean?" She asked.
"I know how you feel. I've seen the way you look at her. The way you light up when she's around."

Jessica sat back against the tree.

"Yeah, well, what of it?" She offered.
"Well, it's like what I was saying. How we fit together. I know a thing or two about unrequited love."

Riley fell silent for a moment. Jessica analyzed that last comment a bit, worrying about where it would lead the conversation.

"I thought... being that this is our last summer together... you should know how I've always felt." He said.

Suddenly, a twig snapped.  Both of them sat upright.  Just at the edge of the clearing, they saw the dark silhouette of a rather large man only a few feet away from them.  None of them moved. Jessica and Riley strained their eyes, unsure whether they were actually seeing anything or whether it was their eyes playing tricks on them from the darkness.

The silhouetted man suddenly moved; lifting his right arm up to something behind his shoulder, lifting something long from his back, and then combining it with another item he was holding in his other hand.  The unmistakable sound of a string being pulled tight on a bow pierced the silence.

Riley, recognizing the sound, quickly pushed Jessica down to the ground.

"Look out!" He yelled as an arrow flew over their heads and imbedded itself in the dead tree behind them.  

"Run, RUN!" He commanded as he pulled Jessica off the ground and they took off into the woods.  The silhouetted man disappeared into the shadows.

As they run, an arrow whizzed past Riley again.  

"Jessica, get out of here!  I'll lead them away!" Riley insists.
"Riley, no, if we stay together--"
"He'll kill both of us! I want to do this, Jessica. Let me save you!"

Jessica hesitates, but then agrees and runs off in an opposite direction.  

"Hey!  Hey you!  Over here!  I'm over here asshole!" Riley screamed as he waved his hands madly while running opposite of Jessica.  

That was the last time that Jessica heard from Riley. She continued to run, her heart pounding.

After a few minutes, her pace slowed and she stopped around some bushes for a rest. She figured it was a good enough spot to hide. In addition, a need to pee had been creeping up on her and she thought now was her best opportunity to relieve that.  As she crouched, she listened. The only sound she could hear was the faint sound of her diaper filling up with more of her warm pee. She reached down and squeezed the crotch of her diaper, feeling it squelch. She then shook her head about what she was doing. There were more important things to be thinking about.

Once again, she was surrounded by nothing but the silent nature of the forest.  As her eyes readjusted to being out of the moonlight, she noticed that not too far off was a bit of a warm glow.

Curious, she went to investigate what the source was, though she went cautiously. She kept tight to the trees, hoping not to be seen if anyone was looking.

As she came closer to the light source, she recognized it as the back of a cabin. There was a large barbecue in the back, which was still smoking faintly, but clearly had been put out a few hours before. The air was still filled with the sweet smell of whatever meat they had been cooking. She didn't remember ever seeing another cabin in the woods before this trip, but the cabin looked well-worn and old. Like it had been there for years.

Something about the cabin seemed inviting. Almost familiar. Against her better judgement, she felt compelled to investigate it further. Slowly, looking every which way, she approached the cabin.  It was lit on the inside, although dimly. The light flickered, so Jessica guessed it must be candlelight.  Walking along the tree line, she made her way around the side.  Most of the windows were covered with paper or newspaper, but there were occasional cracks or tears.  When she saw a particularly large rip in one of the windows, she approached quietly and slowly, peering inside.

The inside of the cabin was grungy and dilapidated, with gutted walls and broken drywall.  There was a table with chairs in the center of the room with a few bowls covered in barbecued meat bones. There was a pail in the center of the table, clearly holding some of the leftover meat.  Peering around a little better, she could make out a few beds, one of which was just beside the window.  It was then that she noticed there was someone laying on it.

The candle light wasn't as bright in that area, but she strained to make out the person. To her surprise, she could see what appeared to be feminine feet tied to the bed posts. Adjusting her position a little to see a little more, her eyes fell on an unmistakeably wet and full pampers diaper; the same pampers diaper Jessica had seen earlier that day.

Jessica let out a soft gasp as her mouth dropped. It was Emily!

So, it's been ages since I wrote the last chapter. Sorry! I sort of wrote myself into a hole and I felt I didn't like where it was going. About a week ago, I had a sudden idea that solved all of my problems, so I found some time in my travels this weekend to write this out. Chapter 5 shouldn't be too long behind it, as I've already started it!

Hope you guys like it!

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great job on part 4, i love how Jessica peed in her already wet diaper, it sucks that Emily was lying on the bed in just her diaper. It also sucks that Riley followed that man. Can't wait to read the final part!
DDNixx Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, the next chapter isn't the final part! Still lots more to come!
Gangstaballa1 Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
that's awesome, can't wait to read it!
BakaLeo Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
is there gonna be a part 5?
DDNixx Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is! I just haven't had the time to really sit down and write it! Very sorry! Hopefully I'll find some time this week ;)
BakaLeo Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
i look forward to it...that is if you havent already wrote it haha i rarely check my messeges
DDNixx Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I started it the other day, but haven't managed to finish it just yet!
Will let you know!
BakaLeo Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
ok n.n best of luck n.n
JamesMavric Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
hey um i hate pointing out errors, but when riley and jessica are sitting looking at the silhouette accidently wrote "ben and jessica. no big deal but wanted u to know that.
DDNixx Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for catching that! It's been fixed.
JamesMavric Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
np. ive done studies on texts and am really good at finding small teeny tiny errors. im kinda ocd about it (shoot me, lol) when it comes to tht lol.
DDNixx Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a good skill to have. That's why there are proofreaders and editors and such, after all. I wrote that chapter in travel with no reference to the previous chapters, ha ha, so I'm surprised that's the only glaring error. Good on me, I guess!
JamesMavric Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
very good.
dmf0 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Its not easy to balance horror and fetish. It could work for vampire-ish theme (if latex is your thing) but kudos for the attempt. It is the first diaper+horror i've ever read.
DDNixx Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, thanks. It's an interesting journey, so far.
I've noticed that in general, diaper sites tend to all be writing big epic stories now that just happen to feature characters in diapers, rather than making stories about diaper-wearing. So, avoiding all the popular cliche's of accidents, forced diaperings, car accidents, and regression, I thought up this little idea.
I think in the end, as I've more or less mapped it out now, it'll be either unique enough that it's memorable and stands out, or it will be forgotten for being too weird, lol.
I'm personally fairly proud of how its going.
dmf0 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
i agree. It does get boring at times reading the cliches.
Irregardless where it leads, I'll be looking forward to read it :)
archer63 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
You know I wished Emily and Jessica would end up together but I guess not huh?
DDNixx Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, you never know... ;)
Not gonna spoil the ending!
dmf0 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I second that.
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